TotalPT Connect

Extending care beyond the clinic.

Increase revenue and improve patient outcomes without increasing staff workload.

“We help reduce the workload on you and your staff through our full service, remote patient monitoring solution, allowing you to focus on the patients inside your clinic while we extend service into the home.”

TotalPT Monitoring:

Our team of Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants monitor patient data, provide interactive patient care and education.

  • Blood pressure monitoring (daily)

  • Body weight monitoring (daily)

  • Blood glucose monitoringĀ 

  • Alerts to our clinicians and your staff

  • Interactive check-ins via telehealth

You stay informed. Patients stay empowered.

Actionable insights and personalized guidance for each patient.

Clinically validated, easy-to-use devices provide a simple plug-and-play, cellular-based solution. No technical setup required.

Progress towards your goals by monitoring your daily body weight and trends over time.

Portable, easy-to-use blood pressure monitor provides convenience and accessibility.

Talk with our team about improving patient outcomes and increasing your revenue!

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