Success Stories

Here’s What Our Members Think

Barb S.,

“I had double vision, finger tremors, short term memory loss and depression, and difficulty standing for any period of time. I felt like my dear husband had to do everything for me. My symptoms have disappeared since exercising with Total HealthWorks! I am no longer a burden to my husband. Exercising with Total HealthWorks is important to both of us. I really like the mindfulness at the end of each workout.”

Kay C.,

“My husband trains at Total HealthWorks 3-4 times weekly, for his Parkinson’s Disease. The classes are so helpful, I canceled my gym membership and started working out with him online. I like working on different areas such as memory, weights, cardio, core, and balance. The classes are convenient since On-Demand versions are available and by exercising together, we keep each other motivated. I am now in the best shape that I have ever been and I have even lost some weight!”

Diana and Rick B.,

“We are Rick and Diana Byrum. Although both of us are retired, we stay active by working different jobs, doing disaster relief through our church and traveling to see family in Australia. We have been involved in Total HealthWorks since its inception. The “Brain and Body” and “Easy Movin’It” classes have been great!  The classes are fun and challenging and keep our bodies and minds in shape and we don’t have to leave our home! Thanks David, Jackie and Bennett”

Ann and Neil B.,

“Ann, 66, has issues with depression, balance and memory. We noticed improvement within a couple of months of starting workouts with Total HealthWorks. Neil, 71, has issues with his heart, back and arthritis. The classes help me with flexibility, agility, strength and conditioning. We think Total HealthWorks is a great program for seniors in making daily activities easier. Thank You.”

I am a firm believer that the Total HealthWorks program reduces Parkinson’s symptoms. I am stronger and more flexible since using the exercise program. The instructors are experts in designing specific exercises that help people with Parkinson’s. We work on cardio, balance, core, strength, flexibility and brain activities. I am so thankful I found this program and these people!

Karen D.

73, New Albany, OH

At the suggestion of my sister, Margie, who has Parkinson’s, I signed up for a 14-day trial period. Not having Parkinson’s, I figured it wouldn’t be very challenging. Boy, was I wrong! Yes, there are some classes that are easier than others, but they all are challenging. Plus, I have learned skills to improve my posture, and ways to easily get up and down from the floor.

Three years ago, I had a total knee replacement. It was still bothering me, and my orthopedic surgeon told me I had tendinitis and shouldn’t do squats or lunges, which I love. I reached out to ‘Ziddy’ for advice on how I could adapt the exercises and stretches to help with my situation. No surprise, ‘Ziddy’ and Total HealthWorks went above and beyond to offer help, even creating stretching videos specifically designed for me. I doubt that there is a gym, exercise facility, personal trainer, etc. that offers this type of personal support. I am still amazed and so grateful. Total HealthWorks Rocks!!

Susan G.

Austin, TX

There are some things and people that make a difference in this world. I first met you at and listened to you at a Parkinson’s seminar in Cleveland at the convention center. I bought the book and started doing the exercises. When we moved to the Columbus area I met with David and got some direction on exercises to help with my various issues. It was apparent that he had a great idea that would be a great help.

My wife and I were visiting in Florida when the Covid 19 stated getting some press in February. I had the book and was doing some of the work. Shortly thereafter got an email about Ziddy’s “easy movin” online classes. I followed the instructions and we started working out regularly. I am 77. Most of my life a have kept in reasonable condition as I liked to run, ski, swim, and sail. When I got diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the arthritis had ruined my spine to the point that operating was not a logical thing to do, I gained weight and got weak and slow.

The classes have been fun and challenging. My wife has joined up and she too has benefitted. I have lost 7 pounds, improved my walking, gained strength and flexibility. I sleep better too. The fact is I, like most people, don’t get the exercise right and don’t push myself as hard when I am alone as I do in a class. My wife has lowered her BP. I attribute it to the cardio where we push to get the blood flowing. All this is by way of saying thank you for caring enough to run these classes. Keep up the good work.

Steve F.

77, Columbus, OH

We have followed Jackie and David on Facebook for many years here in Dartmouth, U.K. and you’ve been an inspiration and lifeline to both of us. We never thought we’d meet you! But we joined your live workout classes and they’re amazing- you’re helping us to keep positive and active during this difficult time. We’ve now met new friends in the USA who are also following your expert training, help, and advice! Thank you so much from the U.K.

Chris and Enid B.

Dartmouth, United Kingdom

As you know, I have been coming to Total Health Works for twelve years. It’s hard to imagine in what condition my Parkinson’s would be without your hard work, dedication, diligence, creativity, and, most importantly, your friendship.

Your YouTube site was developed very quickly when the quarantine was imposed, is user-friendly, and is an extremely comprehensive for any and all PD patients. And, it has kept me in shaped moving! Of course, being in the gym is beneficial as well. The friendships I have made at the gym with PD and non-PD people have given me a support system to none other. You two are amazing. Thank you.

Tom F.

Columbus, OH

Exercise is empowering for me. The interplay between my mind and my body is striking. During my workout with David Zid, I don’t say “I’ll try,” I say “I can!” I don’t have a weak side! For me, exercise is key.

David R.

MD, Columbus, OH

“I use Total HealthWorks 3-4 times / week. I feel stronger, have better balance and love meeting new people during the live Zoom classes. “

Chuck B.

77, Perrysburg, OH

I have never been a person who enjoyed exercising. However, as a Parkinson’s patient, in addition to taking your medication, exercise is a vital part of slowing down the progression of the disease. I learned about Total HealthWorks at the start of Covid-19. Jackie, David, Christa and Jack are kind, caring and experts in their field. Now I am stronger and my balance is better. I look forward to my daily classes.

Thank You Total HealthWorks!

Margie S.

St. Louis, MO