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Total Brain

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Online exercise and wellness programs designed to help keep you mentally sharp and physically active.

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“We’ve been helping Adults improve their brain health, feel better and have more energy for the past 20 years!”

Step 1

Find Your Why

Ask yourself: Why is investing in my health important? Is it to:
  • Improve your brain health?
  • Spend time with your family?
  • Play with your grandkids?
  • Be a role model as you age?
  • Continue being independent?
  • Prevent falls and injury?
  • Lose some weight?

Step 2

Get Started

There will never be a better time to care for yourself!
  • Don’t wait! Try 30 days free!
  • Every day that goes by makes it harder to begin, so start today!
  • Health issues are costly and stressful. Make the effort to take care of yourself now!
  • What are you afraid of?

Step 3

Join a Class

We make classes fun and effective for all skill levels!
  • Make new friends in this supportive community
  • Easy to join live classes via daily email or the website.
  • 100s of on-demand sessions available to fit any schedule
  • Start with 2-3 sessions/week!

We are the solution you’re looking for!

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Success Stories

Sheri F. (49),

“This is my gym. Thanks to Total HealthWorks, I am improving my balance and achieving my fitness goals in my home without fear of illness or added travel time. The live and on-demand classes allow for flexibility in my schedule and I love the social interaction with the community of workout friends I see on screen.”

Barb S. - 'A Customer of The Bradford Exchange'

“I had double vision, finger tremors, short term memory loss and depression, and difficulty standing for any period of time. I felt like my dear husband had to do everything for me. My symptoms have disappeared since exercising with Total HealthWorks! I am no longer a burden to my husband. Exercising with Total HealthWorks is important to both of us. I really like the mindfulness at the end of each workout.”

Kay C. (64),

“My husband trains at Total HealthWorks 3-4 times weekly for his Parkinson’s Disease. The classes are so helpful, I canceled my gym membership and started working out with him online. I like working on different areas such as memory, weights, cardio, core, and balance. The classes are convenient since On-Demand versions are available and by exercising together, we keep each other motivated. I am now in the best shape that I have ever been and I have even lost some weight!”

Diana (69) and Rick B. (72),

“We are Rick and Diana Byrum. Although both of us are retired, we stay active by working different jobs, doing disaster relief through our church and traveling to see family in Australia. We have been involved in Total HealthWorks since its inception. The “Brain and Body” and “Easy Movin’It” classes have been great!  The classes are fun and challenging and keep our bodies and minds in shape and we don’t have to leave our home! Thanks David, Jackie and Bennett”

Ann (66) and Neil B. (71),

“Ann, 66, has issues with depression, balance and memory. We noticed improvement within a couple of months of starting workouts with Total HealthWorks. Neil, 71, has issues with his heart, back and arthritis. The classes help me with flexibility, agility, strength and conditioning. We think Total HealthWorks is a great program for seniors in making daily activities easier. Thank You.”

Watch the video for an exclusive offer for customers of The Bradford Exchange!

Then, only $49.95/month*

*you can cancel anytime

Benefits of

Total Brain & Body


Daily physical and mental exercises to help improve memory and cognition.


Physical exercise with cognitive tasks helps improve alertness and thinking.

Balance & Strength

Compound movements help improve physical strength, balance, and gait.


Inspiration and motivation to keep you accountable.


Socialize with new friends from all over the world.


Participate in classes or on-demand workouts any time.

Led by Experts

Exercises led by professionals with 20+ years of experience.


Engage in an evidence-based program that challenges you.

Fits Any Schedule

Maintain consistency with your exercise schedule.

Then, only $49.95/month*

*you can cancel anytime

Our Instructors

David Zid

David Zid


  • Specialized in developing exercise programs for improving physical and cognitive health
  • Co-founder of OhioHealth Delay the Disease
  • Over 25 years of experience
Jackie Russell

Jackie Russell


  • Co-founder of OhioHealth Delay the Disease
  • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Aging Specialist
  • Over 20 years of experience
Christa Ream

Christa Ream


  • Total HealthWorks Total Parkinson’s Certified
  • Specialized in training Adults to improve balance, flexibility, strength and quality of life
  • Over 14 years of experience
Dr. Bennett Gatto

Dr. Bennett Gatto


  • Physical Therapist specialized in treating orthopedics, and training Aging Adults and People with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Over 11 years of experience

Class Descriptions

Brain and Body

Our brainwork focus in this class is on memory and cognition using multitasking, sequencing and other brain and body challenges. We will still work balance, posture, strength, coordination and joint mobility. Join this class if you need a little help with balance, are able to get out of a chair without assistance, need a bit of help getting down to the floor and can understand verbal instructions. We will show modifications to make it less challenging or more intense.


Join this class for a rigorous workout that focuses on strength, mobility, and balance which are great for everyone as we age. We will get up and down from the floor and perform strength/core exercises designed to challenge you. This workout targets participants that rarely struggle with balance and can sustain 80 – 85% heart rate elevation for short periods.

Easy Movin’ It

This class works on balance, posture, walking, rotation, multitasking, and freezing. Brainwork exercises focus on memory and improving cognitive skills so that anyone will find these beneficial, especially as we age. Core and body strengthening are always included. If you struggle with falls, need a little help getting out of a chair or off the floor, or use a cane/walker, this class is for you. We will show modifications to make it more challenging or less intense.

Core Competency

This mid-high intensity class incorporates complete body movements while challenging the mind, focusing on the core. Throughout the class, the instructor will guide you through a comprehensive warm-up and then introduce a set of basic movements like lunges and squats. The movements included in the set will build as the class progresses, adding and subtracting attributes to challenge balance, body control, strength, and flexibility. Basic equipment such as hand weights, a chair, cushion or towel, and wall space are regularly used.

Then, only $49.95/month*

*you can cancel anytime

We are proud to announce that Total HealthWorks has partnered with The Bradford Exchange to offer online exercise and wellness programs to help keep you mentally sharp and physically active!

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