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Workout and Hydration Tracker

This monthly calendar will help you keep track of your participation in Total HealthWorks’ live classes and on-demand workouts, and help with tracking your daily water intake. Please check the box each day you complete an activity or hit your water intake goal. Save your tracking sheet for the end of the month reports!

Download Your Workout Tracker

Live Class Schedule

This is the Total HealthWorks live class schedule. All times listed are Eastern Time. We will be adding classes throughout the next several months, so let us know what times you would like to see a class if these don’t fit your schedule! Just message us using the orange message icon you see on your screen. And remember, classes are recorded and available for you to do anytime!

10 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Do you want more energy? Would you like to think more clear and remember those little things you’ve been forgetting? How about sleeping better? Check out these amazing benefits you can experience when you’re drinking enough water throughout the day!

5 Exercises to Help Reduce Knee Pain

Are you having pain the knees or hips? Try these simple exercises to help your knees and hips get stronger and feel better. 

Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

Are you having lower back pain or feeling stiff in the legs and trunk? Try these simple exercises to help your back loosen, get stronger and feel better. 

Thank you for completing your assessment and downloading your class schedule and workout tracker! Be sure to check your email for regular updates, links to join the live classes, and tips and tricks to help improve sleep, nutrition, activity, and so much more!